Building API routes has never been easier 🛣️

Version License: MIT


Create routes and middleware using classes and a filepath based routing system like Next.js.


yarn add @snowcrystals/highway express
npm install @snowcrystals/highway express


The documentation (API Reference) can be found on our website


The following examples are written in TypeScript with decorators enabled. The examples do not show the required imports (because the only imports you will need are @snowcrystals/highway components).

For a non-decorator version, use a constructor and move the options to the super function inside the constructor (example below)

class HelloWorldRoute extends Route {
constructor(route) {
super(route, options); // <-- Options are the options from the decorator, they are all optional

Route Example

middleware: [[Methods.GET, "log"]]
class HelloWorldRoute extends Route {
public [Methods.GET](req: Request, res: Response) {
res.send("Hello World");

Middleware Example

name: "log"
class LogMiddleware extends Middleware {
public [Methods.GET](req: Request, res: Response, next: NextFunction) {
console.log("Hello world route");


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