The bridge between code and terminal to print beautiful messages 🎨

Version License: MIT


@snowcrystals/icicle is a logger package which you can use to print beautiful messages in the console. Apart from serving as a basic logger it also has a couple customisable settings.


npm i @snowcrystals/icicle
yarn add @snowcrystals/icicle

The following example is written using TypeScript, check the documentation for more information.

import { Logger } from "@snowcrystals/icicle";
const icicle = new Logger();
icicle.info("Hello World!"); // 2022-11-25 20:18:33 [INFO] » Hello World!


The documentation (API Reference) can be found on our website


👤 ijsKoud

This will always be open source project, even if I don't receive donations. But there are still people out there that want to donate, so if you do here is the link PayPal or to Ko-Fi. Thanks in advance! I really appriciate it <3


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